• Quixey alums launch Sigma, a platform to bring merits and certifications online

    Quixey alums launch Sigma, a platform to bring merits and certifications online

    A new company named Sigma, founded by alumni of mobile app search engine Quixey, aims to take records and certifications currently trapped in the analog world and bring them online. To do so, the company has raised $4.35 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz and other investors. The idea originated in late 2014, during a scuba trip in Belize that Sigma cofounder and… Read More

  • Sigma’s Newest Full-Frame Wide Zoom Lens Has A Constant F2 Aperture

    Sigma’s Newest Full-Frame Wide Zoom Lens Has A Constant F2 Aperture

    Sigma has a new zoom lens that could be the perfect walk around lens for street photographer: A 24-35mm zoom lens designed for full-frame cameras, with a unique feature that’s sure to add to its versatility – a constant, wide open f2 aperture. It’s a lens that could replace three standard kit primes for a lot of DSLR photographers, including 24, 28 and 35mm focal lengths. Read More

  • Sigma SD1 DSLR Gets Priced At Nearly Ten Grand

    We heard about the SD1 back in September: a Foveon-based DSLR with 45 megapixels, as they define them, though the “megapixel” rating is difficult to compare when you have different sensor patterns going on. They’re confident enough to price this thing above even Canon and Nikon’s pro level cameras. Yes, it’ll set you back $9700. That’s $2000 more than a 1D… Read More

  • Sigma's SD1 DSLR Has 46 Megapixels, Kind Of

    Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the Foveon sensor has its advantages, but I’m not sure the fact that your sensor has three layers means you get to triple the number of megapixels the camera “has.” I guess it technically does have all those pixels, but the output image will still be around 15 megapixels. Kind of a conundrum. In any case, 15 is enough, and… Read More

  • Sigma's SD15 DSLR gets spec'd

    Sigma seems to be releasing cameras the way Google releases software: put out something that’s blatantly incomplete and then revise it until it’s competitive (or more than competitive) with the rest of the market. The DP1 is approaching its third revision, the DP2 its second, and the SD15 DSLR is just about to make its debut — and I’ll give you three guesses which is… Read More

  • Many, many cameras are being released at PMA

    It’s the supreme madness of the PMA 2010 season, and although we can’t make it there personally this year, that won’t stop all them camera companies from releasing stuff. You saw the sweet new Samsungs that dropped yesterday, but here are a few more interesting developments from the show. Read More

  • Sigma inexplicably releases a minimally changed DP1s

    Pop quiz, hot shot: you release a product to tepid critical response. Despite having a good concept behind it, it’s slow, limited, and performs badly in low light. After a year and a half, you release its sequel, which is better but still not really that good. What do you do? A) Forget this approach, try something new like Micro Four-Thirds
    B) Get a decent lens on that thing and… Read More

  • Sigma's DP2 approaches release; pics and specs updated

    We’ve been aware of the DP2 for some time, and although its predecessor was coolly received, I’m excited about this one. Everyone agreed that the DP1 was a technical accomplishment, but its actual performance was lacking. AF, shutter lag, speed in general was an issue, poor low light performance — the list goes on, even more so than I remember. But if Sigma has made the… Read More

  • Sigma buys out sensor maker Foveon

    Sigma has been using Foveon sensors in its cameras for a couple years now, although some questioned the efficacy of said sensor in their ambitious but disappointing DP1. (Good explanation of the Foveon sensor here). Apparently, though, Sigma is confident enough in the technology that they’re willing to buy Foveon lock, stock, and barrel. Maybe they know something we don’t. What… Read More

  • Sigma unveils new compact camera, the DP2

    Sigma Japan today unveiled the Sigma DP2 [JP], the successor model to the DP1, which was released earlier this year and received lukewarm reviews. As of now, there is no word of the new camera on Sigma’s American web site. The Sigma DP2 features a 3-layer 14 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor (2,652×1,768) with an updated True (“Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine”) image… Read More

  • The Sigma DP1 is a technical marvel, but that's about it

    One month and change after DP Review gave the Sigma DP1 a so-so review, David Pogue now offers his two cents. Like DP Review, Pogue likes the SLR-in-a-point-and-shoot’s body, but says it’s not the end-all, be-all for the concept. The Sigma DP1, in case you don’t remember, essentially puts an SLR sensor inside a point-and-shoot’s body, to mixed results. While Pogue… Read More

  • Sigma's DP1 hits: hybrid point-and-shoot/DSLR ruled interesting but lacking

    DPReview has one of their signature extremely long and in-depth reviews that I love up for the Sigma DP1. I remember hearing about this thing some time ago, but apparently technical issues kept it from release until just recently. Well, now it’s been thoroughly evaluated, and the verdict is: great idea, but lacking polish and adequate image quality in many circumstances. The thing about… Read More

  • Sigma SD14 Sneak Peek

    Sigma is a well-known high-end camerawell-known third party lens company and they appear to be teasing us with a pre-Photokina website tells little about the product but definitely generates a bit of excitement. It seems this new camera will have a Foveon image sensor and some new ways of processing RAW image data. Other than that scant information, we’re going to have to wait until… Read More