Curioos Grabs $1.9 Million To Build The Definitive Marketplace For Digital Art

What would look good in your living room? If you’re a good photographer, you can frame your photos. But chances are that your only option is to buy someone else’s photos, which doesn’t feel very personal. There is another option — you could buy digital art prints instead. To do this, Curioos just raised $1.9 million from a prominent family office to let digital artists sell their artworks online so that you can display them in your living room.

There are now probably a lot more artists using their computer and drawing tablet than artists who paint. This is an incredible opportunity as everybody gets a chance to buy an “original” piece of art — Curioos will print very high quality copies of these illustrations.

Born in France and now based in New York, Curioos started out as a simple Tumblr blog curating digital artists. After amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, the team jumped on the opportunity to let all these artists sell their work.

Now, Curioos mostly relies on its curating abilities to find the best digital artists that no one has heard of. For artists, it’s a great way to get revenue and take advantage of Curioos’ user base. In addition to that, it is also much easier than finding a very high quality printer, building a Squarespace website and shipping your prints. Curioos takes care of all that.

The big challenge ahead will be to become the definitive marketplace for digital art — this is important for both its customers and partner artists as there probably isn’t enough room for a bunch of players in this space. But the company can count on this new influx of money to grow the team, bring more artists on board, and expand its client base.

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