Reading Rainbow Has More Backers Than Any Kickstarter Campaign Ever

Ever since Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, LeVar Burton has been working to bring it back. In 2012, he launched a tablet app program, and just recently, he launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for $1 million to develop Reading Rainbow programming across all platforms, which will be provided to classrooms for free.

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign now has nearly $5 million in funding and has become the most backed Kickstarter campaign ever, with more than 91,000 backers.

Burton tweeted out the news this morning and Kickstarter confirmed.

The most financially successful Kickstarter campaign still goes to the Pebble, which received more than $10 million in funding but had only around 60,000 backers.

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign was successful right from the get-go. The project reached its $1 million goal in just one day, and LeVar Burton’s emotional reaction was luckily caught on tape. You can check that out here.