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Reading Rainbow Has More Backers Than Any Kickstarter Campaign Ever

Ever since Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, LeVar Burton has been working to bring it back. In 2012, he launched a tablet app program, and just recently, he launched a <a href="https://beta.t

The Moment Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter Campaign Crossed $1 Million

Butterfly in the sky I can go twice as high Take a look

LeVar Burton Takes To The Internet To Bring Reading Rainbow To All Kids

If a butterfly is in the sky and you feel you could, feasibly, fly twice as high, why not turn to Kickstarter to bring about the second coming of the Reading Rainbow? If you’re LeVar Burton, tha

Reading Rainbow Returns As A Startup And An iPad App

Back in 2009, NPR ran a story titled "<a target="_blank" href="">'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final Chapter</a>." At the time, that proba

Where's My Jetpack?

We know that most of you don’t read anything but CrunchGear, but there is a book currently making the rounds that is of considerable interest to gear heads. Where’s My Jetpack? looks at ma