Hack Yo

Turns out the app that has totally changed my life and hit #1 in the US App Store this week comes with a few simple tricks to make it even simpler to “Yo.”

Send a “Yo” to all your friends at once

No time for individual yo-ing? No problem! Here’s how to send a mass “Yo” to everyone you “Yo.”

1. Just scroll to the bottom of your friends list and hit the “+” icon.
2. Now type in “YOALL.” This adds an action to “Yo” everyone at once.
3. Now click on “YOALL” just like you would an individual.
Congrats. You’ve just mass “Yo’d.”

Yo at random

Russian roulette, Yo style. Show some rando friend you love them by setting up a random action in the app.

1. Just like with “YOALL,” click on the “+” icon and type “YORANDOM.”
2. Click on the “YORANDOM” block and Yo will choose a random friend to “Yo.”

World Cup

Don’t want to miss out on a single goal in the World Cup? Add “WORLDCUP” the same way and get a “Yo” on every goal.

Block “Yo” spam

Getting too many “Yo’s” from the World Cup now…or even just one annoying person?
Block or delete by scrolling to that person on your friends list and, just like you would on an uggo on Tinder, swipe left. The app then gives you the option to cancel, block or delete that person from your list.

One other fun trick – send a “Yo-Yo” by double tapping anyone’s name on your list.

Got other hacks? Please do share in the comments below.