Dyn Acquires Internet Intelligence Service Renesys


Dyn, the Internet performance service best known for its DynDNS service, today announced that it has acquired Renesys, a company that specializes in monitoring the Internet to provide data about cloud services, connectivity and potential performance issues. The company also offers a few other services, including market intelligence, but the reason you have probably heard of the company before is because it became the go-to source for information about Egypt’s Internet blackout during the revolution there and, more recently, Turkey’s attempts at Internet censorship.

2014-05-20_1540The company runs a real-time network of monitors that analyze Internet routing and performance data to help businesses get a deeper insight into the network as a whole (as opposed to just getting data about their own cloud services, for example). In total, the company has relationships with more than 300 providers across the world and Dyn will combine the data gathered from this network with its own telemetry. Using this data, Dyn will be able to offers its customers better data about how to optimize their CDNs, clouds and data centers.

“Renesys’ global and granular visibility into the Internet will allow us to make better traffic and message decisions, helping our customers more efficiently connect with their audiences,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn CEO.

Dyn says it plans to integrate Renesys’s Internet performance and geographic intelligence data into its own traffic and message-management solutions. Renesys’s suite of intelligence products, for example, will become the first product in Dyn’s new Performance Assurance product line, which will be offered independent of its existing traffic and message management services.

In addition to getting access to Renesys’s product portfolio, however, Dyn is very open about the fact that this is also a talent acquisition. Renesys currently has about 40 employees who will join the company, including its CEO Ashton Peery and the company’s founder Andy T. Ogielski. The team will continue to work out of Renesys’s current Hanover, N.H., offices. Dyn itself is headquartered in Manchester, N.H., making this somewhat of a local acquisition for the company.