Flazio, An Italian Web-Design Engine, Lets You Build A Site Through Your Facebook Page

Website creation software is a dime-a-dozen. You press a button, type in some jazz, and come up with a one page website for you and yours. But what if I said there was something that could make it even easier? Flazio, a service made by Sicilian brother and sister team Elisa and Flavio Fazio, can presumably do just that.

Now while I think it’s kind of mean that Flavio named the app more after himself than his sister, I guess that’s just how things work in that family and I guess Elaflazio would have sounded funny. So what does it do?
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First, it’s a one-step website maker. Reactive design, HTML5, templates, yadda yadda. Unfortunately a lot of it isn’t translated it. But the cooler part is the Facebook app which allows you to export your feed or your private Facebook pages right onto the web. I tried it and it grabbed all of my photos and made a sort of portfolio of me by mashing up all my Facebook jazz. This, it seems, is Flazio’s salsa segreta.

The app is here and you essentially connect your Facebook account to the system and it drags your data and posts right off of your page. It’s a cute trick that can turn Internet lookie-loos into fully-fledged website impresarios.

The pair raised $400,000 in private equity from Zernike Meta Venture and they’re looking to expand globally. They’re seeing 4,500 users daily and over 90,000 websites have been built.

Services like Flazio have been around for years. Squarespace, for example, has the New York artist market all sewn up and sites like Wix and Jigsy and Yola and Flurbr and Puffincourt (I made those last two up) are taking the rest of the market. But bless the Fazio’s hearts for trying.

“Introducing a new service in a market full of options but doing it in value adding way in my opinion is a huge strenght for Flazio,” said Elisa. “What makes Flazio team special is the ability to run a business in a high velocity market without missing the perception of each consumer value.”

“From a technical standpoint, Flazio keep on investing in R&D. There are continuous updated features releases, especially according to technology updates or specific customers needs,” she said.

Sicily needs its website creation software and the Favios have filled that bill. Now Flazio needs a bit more growth to become more interesting, if you’re a Facebook fiend it may be just the ticket for flipping the switch on a new site. After all, siti web sono divergent!