WorldLister App Promises To Generate Better, Faster eBay Listings

In the world of eBay sellers, some people photograph their wares on models and take the time to write up comprehensive product descriptions. Other listings… are kind of indecipherable. Or just unhelpful.

WorldLister, an app launching today, is trying to help the latter group become more like the former, by generating listings for you that include video, sizing information, and substantial product descriptions that flow. For those too lazy to write out a full description, it’s an easy way to look a whole lot more professional.

lister-screenshot-phone-03WorldLister, which is free, hooks up to users’ eBay accounts and acts as a kind of seller’s dashboard. Listing an item requires answering a series of questions; if it’s a clothing item, for instance, it will ask for color, material, style, and size. The WorldLister platform has a real time feed of a person’s listings; users can change the price of a given item there and it will update to eBay automatically. The app is also integrated with eBay messaging.

The aim is to be faster than eBay’s current system, and WorldLister is promising to have listings up in minutes.

“What took eight hours of work you can do in one hour,” founder Bryan Harmon said.

According to Harmon, the team started developing the app to list clothing first, since it’s a difficult category in which to nail sizing. So rather than leaving users to guess what a size 6 means for any given brand, WorldLister provides a walk through on how to measure an article of clothing flat and then uses those measurements for sizing. WorldLister then went on to develop its algorithm for other tricky categories, like used automobiles.