Eliza Brooke

Eliza Brooke

Eliza Brooke is an associate editor at Fashionista. Having interned at T, The New York Times Style Magazine during college, she got her first job reporting on tech at TechCrunch, where she snuck in as much fashion coverage as she possibly could, before landing at Fashionista, where she sneaks in as much tech coverage as she can. She lives in Brooklyn.

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Uncoverage Hopes To Crowdfund Investigative Journalism, Because Newspapers

Israel Mirsky likes to give the following analogy about the role of journalism in a democracy: a free society can only function if it has a strong immune system. Investigative journalists serve as the

Gifting Service Loop Commerce Adds PayPal As An Investor, Bringing Its Series A To Over $12M

After closing its Series A in early November, gifting startup Loop Commerce has added an investment from PayPal to the round. While Loop Commerce co-founder and CEO Roy Erez would not disclose the exa

Codecademy Releases Its First Educational App, A.K.A. My New Subway Time Killer

Today <a target="_blank" href="http://www.codecademy.com/">Codecademy</a> released its first foray into the mobile space, an app-based intro course to coding designed to take less than an hour to comp

Architect Bradley Rothenberg Does 3D-Printed Fashion At The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is about so much more than lingerie. Over the years the annual event, which took place in Manhattan in mid-November and airs December 10, has grown into a mega-be

Here Are 2013′s Most Popular Tunes, According To Our Informal Survey Of Music Startups

As we head into the last leg of 2013, you may find yourself misty-eyed, staring out the window and listening a mashup of this year's biggest musical hits. It was a good year, and not just because One

WorldLister App Promises To Generate Better, Faster eBay Listings

In the world of eBay sellers, some people photograph their wares on models and take the time to write up comprehensive product descriptions. Others... are kind of indecipherable. Or just unhelpful.

Drop ‘Til You Shop Harnesses Our Burning Desire To Nab A Deal To Turn Over Unsold Goods

Compulsive shoppers, meet your worst enemy. It's not Cyber Monday.

In Which We Make Coffee With The Founders Of Bonaverde, A Machine That Roasts, Grinds, And Brews

Last we heard from the founders of <a target="_blank" href="http://bonaverde.com/">Bonaverde</a>, they had <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/11/12/help-make-a-tabletop-coffee-brewer-grinder-and-roa

Bib + Tuck Has An App Now, Begins More Stringent Filtering On What Brands Users Can Swap

The fashion swap site <a target="_blank" href="https://www.bibandtuck.com/">Bib + Tuck</a> launched in November 2012 as a private, invite-only community and opened up to the public late this summer. T

Sygic Fleshes Out Travel Experience With Features Powered By Groupon, Foursquare, And ParkMe

The offline navigation system Sygic is rounding out its offerings by integrating with Groupon, Foursquare, and ParkMe on a slew of new features for their U.S. and Canada user base. Although the Slovak

Gift Guide: For The Tech-Happy Fashionista

The holidays truly are the most magical time of the year. The twinkly lights, the spiked eggnog... the designer collaborations on your favorite tech products. It warms the heart.

Consignment Startups Like Tradesy Could Help Retailers Close The Loop On Product Lifecycles

With a good enough premise, a fashion startup can build a community of thousands, all obsessing over the pieces that they want or need in their closets (it's basically the same). That in turns means t

For On-The-Go Clothes Stalking, The Hunt Releases An iOS App

To better serve a smartphone-happy user base that skews young and female, the fashion site <a target="_blank" href="https://www.thehunt.com/">The Hunt</a> has released its first iPhone app. The startu

KeyMe, The Cloud Service For House Keys, Is Now Offering A One Hour Delivery Service For Lockouts

In August, a startup called KeyMe launched an app that allows users to scan and store digital copies of their house keys, which a locksmith can use to cut a new copy in case of a lock-out. KeyMe is no

Aiming To Build An End-To-End Rental Ecosystem, Apartment List Raises $15M

One month after <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/10/16/apartment-list-acquires-rentadvisor-bolstering-their-listings-with-reviews/">acquiring</a> the apartment reviews site RentAdvisor, <a target=

Beantown Rocked Our Socks At The TechCrunch Boston Meetup

Last week we headed up to Boston to see what the local startup scene had to offer, and the founders, VCs, and technophiles we met did not disappoint. The city best known for its universities, hospital

Zulily Closes First Day As A Public Company At $37.70 A Share, Marking A Win For Flash Sales

Closing the day at $37.70 a share, Zulily is proving to be a success among flash and daily deals sites. Its first-day performance could give other companies confidence in the possibility of going publ

Zulily Shares Pop 82% Above IPO Price

A week after Twitter's IPO and two days after education company Chegg debuted on the NYSE, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.zulily.com/">Zulily</a>, the daily deals targeted at mothers, opened on t

ShopKeep Goes Custom, Releasing A Speedy New System For Holiday Shopping

Not to freak everyone out, but there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. For shoppers, that means a tighter timeframe in which to negotiate parking lots and mall lines; ac

Photobucket Is Releasing A New App, Looking To Close The Loop On Their Storage Services

When Photobucket redesigned its site and user experience with better uploading and new social features last fall, it did so in the hope of reestablishing itself as the go-to site for photo sharing and
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