TC Cribs: Mulu, The Cozy And Cool Startup That’s Right In The Heart Of Hollywood

We made sure to put on our trendiest hoodies and shiniest sneakers for this episode of TechCrunch Cribs, which brought us out of our casual hometown of San Francisco and into the heart of Hollywood.

Here is where we found Mulu, the startup that combines cutting edge online commerce with charitable goodness — Mulu’s technology lets web publishers embed shoppable links to products referenced in their content and give a portion of the proceeds to the charity of their choice.

You’d expect something special from an L.A.-based company with tight ties to fashion, and Mulu delivered on those expectations and then some by striking the perfect balance between cozy and super cool. Watch the video above to see how Mulu created a space that’s just as fun for its grownup employees as it is for their pint-sized offspring, with a tricked-out kid’s room, a very lucky company pet, and a secret roof deck with a gorgeous view of that famous Hollywood sign.