Google+ Adds SoundCloud Embeds As It Slowly Opens Up To More Third-Party Integrations

SoundCloud, the increasingly popular service for sharing all things audio, today announced that it is now deeply integrated into Google+. While its users could already easily share links to Google+ from SoundCloud, Google+ now features a built-in audio player that lets you play audio files directly on an artist’s Google+ page. This marks the first time Google has enabled a third-party service to embed audio tracks directly in a Google+ post.

SoundCloud launched its integration with Google’s new Google+-based sign-in service in May and has since slowly deepened its integration with the service, culminating in today’s launch. This integration, SoundCloud says, will make it “easier than ever” for artists “to reach [their] audience by sharing sounds to Google+.” This also means that anytime you share a SoundCloud link to Google+, the new player will automatically appear.

Until now, SoundCloud links on Google+ would simply take you to the company’s website to play the file. The service currently has over 200 million active listeners on the site every month.

For Google+, this is a pretty interesting move, as it still remains a relatively closed platform. The new Google+ Sign-Ins make it easier for users of third-party services to share content on Google+, but for the most part, this doesn’t mean the content gets fully embedded in a post. I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s integration with SoundCloud would just be the first in a series of similar announcements.