With 20% Of Reservations Filled, Mailbox Goes Down So You Can Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day

Last week’s hot app, Mailbox, is currently down. In very RIM-esque fashion, the startup’s servers are not forwarding mail, resulting in a very quiet Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty stoked about it. I think this should be a feature.

According to Mailbox’s twitter page, the company is busy fixing the problem. They quickly issued a couple of official responses but one is not very helpful. This one details the problems, stating that they are seeing intermittent issues with our servers syncing mail and new mail created will not be lost.

Mailbox launched with much fanfare last week. I love it. It’s the perfect cross between Mail and Gmail. However, today’s outage is what I fear the most.

The app’s novel features work because email is routed through Mailbox’s servers. Thus, if and when these servers crash (like right now), the mail is no longer forwarded to the app.

Since the app generated so much interest before it launched, the company instituted a reservation system, purposely limiting the amount of users (and strain) on its servers. Mailbox told us in a statement this afternoon that they received over 900,000 reservation requests and have so far managed to fill 20 percent. This is the first outage since the launch last week.

But think about it. Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day you’re supposed to enjoy with your sweetheart. I’m about to head off to my son’s kindergarten Valentine’s Day party. I won’t be distracted now. I’ll be able to participate like a good dad. Thanks, Mailbox! I love you even more right now.

In other news Mailbox’s reservation line is also paused.