Google Gets Its Act Together: New Nexus 4 Orders Reaching Customers In As Little As 48 Hours

Google is apparently doing a good job of improving its supply stream issues and making good on promised delivery times for customers for new Nexus 4 orders – better than good, in fact. UK customers are reporting this morning (via CNET) that the Nexus 4 devices they ordered when Google released its latest crop of phones this past Wednesday are already arriving at their doorsteps, less than 48 hours later.

Google had predicted that phones would take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive at the homes of those placing new orders when the phones went on sale, but it clearly seems to have done something right, either on its end or in terms of getting LG to deliver more consistently. A 48 hour turnaround not only blows that out of the water, but also represents a 180-degree change in direction from the lengthy six-, seven- and eight-hour waits customers were running into just before the new year.

U.S. orders also went live again earlier this week, but no word on whether or not those devices are being shipped out yet. Let us know if you’re receiving or have received your new Nexus, but from the looks of what’s happening in Britain, Google has learned a few lessons about being the purveyor of an in-demand piece of hardware, and looks to actually be able to manage supply. Which isn’t to say it’s able to meet demand yet; in fact, we’re probably still fairly far off from that, given how quickly the Nexus 4 sold out and how stock continues to be a bit of a mixed bag internationally, I doubt that Google has reached supply equilibrium quite yet.