Just In Time For The Weekend, We Present The DIY LEGO Pancake Bot

If you only watch one video today, it should be this one. You will discover that it is footage of a DIY LEGO pancake maker which is, in my expert opinion, the best thing to come out of Norway since the fjords. Created by Miguel Valenzuela, an American maker abroad, the project has been around for a few years but this video shows us how the project works in detail, further proving that the nascent robotic-pancake-making scene is a cultural juggernaut waiting to explode.

The project uses LEGO and a ketchup bottle to squirt and cook pancake batter on a built-in griddle. While it is not able to feed us directly using a robotic arm, I definitely see a future for this sort of device in the homes of the catastrophically DIY-oriented, because I’d personally be afraid to trust LEGO to cook my pancakes for me.

If you want to make your own pancake bot, simply head over here and see Miguel’s step-by-step instructions or view this video again and again, marveling at how amazing those pancakes must taste on a hungover Sunday morning.

They’re looking to go to Maker Faire in San Francisco this year and they’re looking for donations so please be generous.

via Make