Connected Bike Looks To Up Your Cycling Game With Automatic Gear-Shifting

When peak performance is your goal, every second counts. I guess milliseconds count too. Product development consultancy Cambridge Consultants had this in mind when they developed their new automatic gear-shifting system for performance bicycles called The Connected Bike. The idea is to shave off those precious seconds of time you use both considering and shifting gears while riding. We took an up-close and personal look at CES 2013.

Using their new system, which combines some simple mechanics and sensors with the brains of a smartphone attached to the bike, you enter a specific performance goal you are trying to achieve — ride X number of miles in Y number of minutes, for example.

Then, the smartphone attached to the bike is able to calculate, in real time, when your performance has dipped. It then re-calculates and automatically shifts the gears for you to optimize your riding, in relation to your goal.

The aggregate performance data is viewable with the bikes’ own iPad app as well.

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