The Best And Worst Of CES 2013 NSFW Blooper Reel

You've seen the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/01/13/the-best-and-worst-of-ces-2013/">Best and Worst of CES 2013</a>. Here's the blooper reel. Don't watch it around your boss or small children.

Shenzen New Degree’s Touch Panel Tech Doesn’t Mind The Rain And Still Delivers Killer Input Detection [Video]

Shenzen New Degree Technology was one of the companies showing its stuff in the Eureka Park portion of CES 2013, and this China-based hardware startup had some impressive tech to show off related to t

Never Lose Your Keys Again Thanks To StickNFind’s Bluetooth Stickers

Here's a novel way to keep track of your wallet, your cat, or, yes, your keys. Jimmy Buchheim stopped by the the TechCrunch booth at the Consumer Electronics Show to demo StickNFind, a bluetooth st

The Best And Worst Of CES 2013

CES has come and gone, but the memory of this year's show will live on forever. Not necessarily because the 15-20 TechCrunch staffers who attended will remember it — chances are the night-time d

Cars Are The Next Playground For App Developers

This year's CES may have been about startups more than ever before, but over the last few years, the car industry has also increased its presence at the show. In previous years, we heard a lot about t

The Playsurface Brings A Lot More To The Touchscreen Table Than Just Touch [Video]

The Playsurface, a spin-off project from Templeman Automation that aims to provide a low-cost alternative to interactive touch table devices like Microsoft's PixelSense (formerly known as the surface)

Hands-On: Tactus Technology Gives Flat Touchscreens The Middle Finger With Pop-Up Buttons

This actually works. I touched it. I played with it. And I fantasized about a bubble wrap app. Tactus Technology stopped by our CES booth for a short demo of its crazy touch screen technology. Usi

In Defense Of The HAPIfork

There’s been no shortage of jokes lobbed at the HAPIfork, as you’ve seen from the Colbert video above. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that the technology in the fork is solving a first-wor

iRig HD Surfaces At CES

I spent a lot of time at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cesweb.org">CES 2013</a> searching for new audio goodness and one of the cool things I found was <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ikmult

In A Sea Of iPad Cases, Lazy-Hands Stands Out With Little More Than Velcro, Cloth, and Ingenuity

Lazy-Hands is the epitome of one of those self-made, little-guy CES gems <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/01/11/why-ces-matters-for-now/">that we love so much</a>. Armed with little more than velc

Almond+ Expands The Router’s Domain, Adds Zigbee And Z-Wave Smart Home Control

The Almond, a router with a small touch screen that achieved significant success on Amazon thanks to a decent price point and excellent reviews, has a successor from parent company Securifi hitting Ki

Swivl Introduces Their Updated Camera With DSLR, Tablet Support

The <a target="_blank" href="http://www.swivl.com">Swivl</a> is an odd duck. When you first look at it you wonder what it's for. But anyone who has given a speech or performed onstage will immediately

Just Give The Dish DVR Its Nomination Back, CNET

Here we go again. There is a <a target="_blank" href="http://www.techmeme.com/130111/p15#a130111p15">CONFLICT OF INTEREST</a> in the tech news media. Well I just can't believe how this could happen in

Sony May Kiss Low-End Smartphones Goodbye To Better Compete With Samsung And Apple

Sony Mobile's top-tier Xperia Z may have been one of CES's most pleasant non-surprises (seriously, is there anyone Sony didn't brief about that thing?), and it turns out that the company's future effo

Fleksy Eyes-Free Mobile Keyboard Comes To Android At CES 2013 [Video]

Fleksy, the new mobile keyboard that debuted on iOS back in August, was showing its stuff at CES this year. The trick of automatically predicting what you're typing without requiring much more than yo

Why CES Matters (For Now)

It's easy to hate CES. It's a vapid, broken <em>wunderkammer</em> filled with booze, waste, and gadgets no one will buy for months if not years if ever at all. The show floor is a crass place where ma

Want To Beat The Crap Out Of Your iPhone? This Guy’s Got You Covered

At Eureka Park at CES in the Venetian, we saw a ton of cool startups. But some of them really stood out. Like this guy. He was very excited about giving us a demo of his company's technology for letti

Sensory Acumen’s Game Skunk Is Part Video Game Enhancer, Part Therapy Tool

Eureka Park played home to a whole host of interesting companies and projects (some of which were arguably more interesting than the stuff you'd find on the actual CES show floor) and our first stop w

BodyMedia’s Jewelry Upgrade Makes Data-Driven Weight Loss Super-Chic

Being geeky is awesome; number-obsessed performance geeks should be able to wear their devices loud and proud. Last year saw an explosion of calorie-tracking wearable devices, but none of these plasti

Philips uWand Motion Controller Makes Another CES Appearance, Plays Fruit Ninja [Video]

The Philips uWand is no stranger to CES. It's been at the show in the past, and as a prototype it has been around for even longer, but this time around it got an updated look and feel, along with refi
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