[Update: Live Now] TechCrunch Gadgets Live Is Happening Today At 1PM PST/4PM EST

It’s day one at CES and we’re already churning away at our live video stream from the show floor and, for those looking for a nice recap, our daily Gadgets Live webcasts. At 1pm PST/4PM EST we’ll sit down and talk about what we’ve seen so far – the winners, the losers, and the mayhem.

The best part? We’ll be interviewing Matt Rogers from Nest (and giving away a Nest thermostat and you at home can win!) and we’ll also be sitting down with the folks from Tovbot and a few more surprises.

This is a long show and we’re trying to bring you the coolest hardware startups we can find. If you’d like to be featured, please drop me a line at john@beta.techcrunch.com and be sure to tweet at us with the hashtag #CESCrunch. Stay tuned for more from the greatest tech show on Earth.