T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 810 – We Go Hands On, But This Phone’s Literally Got No Guts

T-Mobile recently announced it would be offering the Nokia Lumia 810 Windows Phone 8 device sometime in the coming weeks, and it had the handset at the Pepcom’s MobileFocus event at MobileCon today. But the hardware wasn’t really the hardware as such – it was a dummy unit with nothing on the inside. But it still showed off some of what the phone will offer users.

The Lumia 810 from T-Mobile comes in both black and cyan variants, and will have a 4.3-inch OLEG WVGA screen that could be very good-looking in practice, one might imagine. There’s also Windows Phone 8, an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1.2 megapixel front shooter for Skype and other communication apps, which could take very nice pictures, it’s reasonable to assume.

What we do know about the 810 is that it feels quite substantial compared to most contemporary smartphones, like in a way that actually isn’t altogether a good thing. The Lumia 810 could easily use a diet, in fact, and there’s a lot of space taken up around the not-yet-active screen devoted to bezel. It’s a bold, aggressive design choice, and one that could result in a chunky chic appeal, but it could also backfire. In a world where thin and light are the name of the game, this is a phone that stands apart, as you can see by the side-by-side shots with it and the iPhone 5.

Microsoft clearly doesn’t want anyone touching the Windows 8 software before it unveils it later this month. We’ll see what the 810 and its bigger brother the 920 deliver when Windows 8 finally ships.

Update: This device apparently has internals that could theoretically work, according to T-Mo, but in the end it might as well not, since no one who touched it could actually interact with its software or view it running.