Why Apple Has Us By The Short Hairs In 3 Words: Home. Shopping. Network.

Oh, Apple, we love you so much. Well, a lot of us do anyways. The company has been pretty amazing when it comes to introducing new products to the marketplace, and most of that is definitely because the products that Apple creates are pretty revolutionary. And also pretty to look at.

The other part of Apple’s success is its marketing, PR skills, and presentation. We all know that Steve Jobs was a master of telling you something that you didn’t know, in turn making it gospel instantly. Love Apple or hate Apple, they are really really good at this game.

But why are we all drawn into the clutches of the fruit? Because it’s exciting. The company is really secretive about what it’s working on, and geeks hang on every rumor and leak, hoping that what Apple announces is as amazing as we all hope. And for the most part, Apple comes through with the goodies.

Three words explain this: Home. Shopping. Network.

My grandmother (rest her soul) loved to watch the Home Shopping Network. She didn’t really need anything, but she enjoyed the “show” of it and once in a while bought something she didn’t need. She liked getting the packages delivered in the mail, opening the box, displaying her new toy, and telling the family about it. Sound familiar?

Yes. We don’t need the iPhone 5, we just want it.

Here’s a home shopping clip. Watch it (it’s funny):

Now here’s a Tim Cook parody, in which he discusses the iPhone 5 (slightly NSFW):

Yes, it’s all about the “show” and when it comes to the Home Shopping Network, it’s also about supply and demand. You’ve seen and heard it, “Act now, there’s only 500 left!” Same thing with Apple, we all pre-ordered because we wanted it immediately. We “acted now,” because we didn’t want to wait.

It’s brilliant and it works. This is just one of the reasons why Apple is the most valuable company in the world. And also the reason why millions of people buy useless junk from stupid TV networks.

I pre-ordered my iPhone 5, and sadly I have to wait for two weeks. I guess I didn’t act “now” enough.

[Photo credit: Flickr]