Google Nexus 7 Is Now Available in France, Germany And Spain

The Nexus 7 is now available on the Google Play store in France, Germany and Spain. The 8GB and 16GB models are both available for €199 and €249 (respectively $249 and $312, sales tax included). Google is the only seller of the 8GB model as the 16GB model will be available in selected retailers as well on September 3.

As in other countries, the tablet comes with €20 ($25) of Play store credit to buy apps, movies and books.

Yet, in those three countries, magazines and music are still not available on Google’s content store. So far, the razor-thin margins on the Nexus 7 are compensated by purchases of music, books, magazines, movies and apps. It will be harder to rake in profit in the three European countries.

By releasing the tablet a week earlier, Google is enticing customers to buy the tablet through its online store in order to avoid retail margins. The tablet is now available in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Spain.

Even though the Play store is incomplete in those countries, Google might be releasing the Nexus 7 in Europe as quickly as possible before an Amazon press conference on September 6, where a new Kindle Fire is expected, and a hypothetical Apple conference in late September or early October, where the iPad Mini could be unveiled.

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