WaterplayUSA Aims To Disrupt Watersports

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear watersports? For me, it’s fishing and wake-boarding, but the term means different things to different people. That’s why WaterplayUSA exists – to help watersports fanatics get wet and wild on vacation. Whether you’re into jetskis, sailboating, or scuba, these guys are ready to splash you all over.

We talked to Will Smith, co-founder of the site, in Durham. Will loves to be covered in the old drippy drip and pointed out that watersports are a $1 billion dollar industry with no central system for reservations. By creating his site, he’s able to capitalize on the many watersports purveyors out there, allowing them to spray their message directly on consumers.

These sorts of sites are nothing new but Will and his brother/co-founder are surprisingly earnest and nicely plugged into the watersports ecosystem. The site, aside from a few quirks, is clean and with a little SEO they could connect to a lucrative market, especially of folks who might be looking for one thing on Google and end up finding another.