Phonedeck Lets You Control Your Cellphone Via The Cloud

An interesting new startup bubbling since it exhibited at TechCrunch 50 in the startup battlefield last year is Phonedeck. Effectively, it’s created the cloud-based desktop for the mobile phone. That means it can track your outgoing SMS content, but also log calls (though not content). The result? A sudden realisation of you who call, how long for and a lot of other data that was previously invisible. I recall MG Seigler writing that the phone book remained the last mile into social networking. Well Phonedeck might be the bridge across that last mille and it launches into public beta today from Google Play for Android handsets.

Right now Phonedeck is an Android app, and also available for Nokia s40 phones. And iPhone and Win7 version is in the queue.

Users can curate and store all of their phone contacts, manage SMS activity, monitor usage statistics and more from a web browser.

Phone contacts are uploaded to Phonedeck’s SSL encrypted cloud servers where they can be viewed and edited Facebook-like fashion, with all changes synced to the host phone. SMS can be composed, sent and received remotely, while you can see your most-contacted people, the number of calls and messages sent in a chosen time period. Based on a Freemium model, you get extra features by subscribing.