Video: Dennis Crowley Says Half Of Foursquare’s Users Are Outside The U.S. [TCTV]

When I was in Barcelona this week, I met up with Dennis Crowley, the CEO of Foursquare, just after he had gotten off stage from a keynote presentation with the CEOs of Nokia and HTC at Mobile World Congress.

The check-in app that was once little known outside of the world of tech early-adopters may only have around 15 million users, but that number has actually made it a leader in its field, and that has amplified the company (and Crowley).

In effect, Foursquare has become the mayor of mobile social location, and everyone watches it closely to see what it does now, and what it will do next.

Earlier today we published a longer interview with Foursquare’s Crowley. That was conducted, appropriately enough, in a very sunny square in the middle of the MWC event. (Dennis, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry again I made you sit facing the sun.)

I caught the first part of our conversation in a short video, and it complements that longer post. Which you should read.

Some of the subjects covered here: Crowley’s take on who the strong third player might be after Android and iOS; where international sits for Foursquare; and whether the company would ever move into making pared-down services for lower-end devices, as part of a growth strategy. (That’s worked pretty spectacularly for another social network, Facebook.) Take a look.