Motorola’s First Ice Cream Sandwich Handset Smiles For The Camera

Motorola’s latest handsets have been pretty impressive. The Razr and Razr Maxx, in particular, are excellent handsets. But it would seem that the (almost) freshly acquired company has no intentions of resting on its laurels.

Rather than sticking with its usual OMAP-powered devices, Motorola has slapped an Intel Medfield chip on to this anonymous device. And lest we forget, Ice Cream Sandwich is finally coming along for the ride. (It sure does pay off to be under Google’s wing, doesn’t it?)

Based on the renders, it would appear that Motorola is also changing up its design language yet again. With the Razr, things took on more of a boxey look, but maintained the classic Moto hump along the back. However, this unnamed device is in more of a teardrop shape, nixing the hump altogether and instead getting thinner and thinner as we move down the phone.

Pocketnow reports that the big selling feature on this phone will be its camera, which should supposedly boast instant-on and 15 frame-per-second burst mode. That sounds delightful alongside Moto’s stellar camera app.

A new version of MotoBlur should also be in tow (undoubtedly smearing the beauty of ICS), and is expected to first debut at Mobile World Congress in a couple weeks.

Further details are sparse, but we’ll but sure to clue you in once we know more.