Verizon’s $300 Galaxy Nexus Price Tag Too High? Check Out These Deals

When Verizon officially revealed the Galaxy Nexus last night, some of you were surprised to see it sport such a high price tag. Thanks to Verizon’s apparent change in pricing policy, all of their new flagship 4G phones are hovering at around $299. Now if you absolutely have to have a Galaxy Nexus today (something I’m currently debating myself), Verizon stores are likely to be your first thought, but chances are you won’t be alone in your quest.

However, there are bargains to be found if you’re willing to dig a little, and are a few that may make buying a Nexus easier to swallow.

Fry’s Electronics: East Coast Galaxy fans need not apply, but you can snag a Galaxy Nexus from Fry’s for $219 with a new contract, and $249 for an upgrade/contract extension. Not shabby at all, and assuming you live near one, you may be able to enjoy a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich today.

Wirefly: These guys sport the same deal as Fry’s (not a surprise since their online wireless storefronts are powered by the same company), but the units themselves will apparently ship in a few days. Not a bad choice if you live in the middle of nowhere.

AmazonWireless: They’re offering a pretty solid discount on the Nexus for new customers looking to ink a Verizon contract – the device itself will set you back $199. Upgraders will need to shell out an extra $50, but the addition of free two-day shipping should offset the pain a bit. The Nexii are currently backordered, but with any luck that’ll clear up soon.

Let’s Talk: If you’re willing to head off the beaten path, these guys have the Galaxy Nexus for $229 with a new contract and $249 with an upgrade. However, Vlad at The Verge points out that there’s an additional $75 coupon code that can be thrown into the mix, bringing prices down to $154 and $174, respectively. The code (which is “$75VZN” by the way) combined with free overnight shipping makes this the deal to beat.

Once you’ve nabbed your Nexus (and hopefully saved a little money in the process) you can finally play with Ice Cream Sandwich proper — and by that, I mean sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” with attractive women.