WX03A: World’s Smallest And Lightest PHS Cell Phone Unveiled In Japan

Japanese mobile carrier Willcom has announced [JP] the WX03A today, the world’s smallest ten-key cell phone complying with the PHS standard (Willcom is Japan’s only telco left supporting that network system). The company markets the device as a “Frisk case”-sized handset, and in fact, it’s really tiny.

Sized at W32×H70×D10.5mm, it’s smaller than the already tiny Palm Pixi (55x111x10.85mm), and at 40g, it’s substantially lighter, too (the Pixi weighs 100g).

The WXo3A comes with a 1-inch OLED screen and a microUSB port and offers 300 hours of standby time (2 hours of talk time).

Willcom plans to start distributing the phone in Japan in December.

Via Keitai Watch [JP]