Quma: 3D Motion-Capture Figure For 3D CG Production (Video)

Japan-based SoftEther has developed a cool 3D motion-capture figure [JP] to create computer graphics and animations in 3D. Dubbed Quma, the human-like doll has a set of joints throughout its body, all of which are equipped with sensors and can be moved freely by the user: hold up the right arm for example, and the 3D figure on your computer screen will do the same, in real-time.

So Quma is essentially a mini 3D motion-capture device that makes it easier and more intuitive for designers and engineers to create 3D CG, for example for video games, robot applications, training and education simulations etc. Plugging the Quma into a USB port is enough – drivers or external power aren’t needed.

The device, in its current form, is designed to resemble a human, but SoftEther says that their technology could be used for motion-capturing any other shape or form.

The company says Quma is ready for production but is yet to fix a release date and price (an SDK for application providers is available, too).

This video shows the figure in action: