Bose launches a Bluetooth headset called, erm, the Bose Bluetooth headset

I tend to avoid writing about Bose for two reasons:

  1. My main beat is mobile, and that’s not a turf that Bose often enters.
  2. Bose posts tend to draw out the fury of what I can only assume is a top-secret, ultra-angry Anti-Bose club. Really — it’s like a strike force. Write a few words on Bose, and BAM! Instant flame war.

Today, Bose is entering the mobile space with — get this — a Bluetooth headset. That does away with point one. Give me a second to grab my flameproof helmet and shield, and join me for all the details after the jump.

Want to guess at the name? If you guessed that Bose’s Bluetooth headset would be called “the Bose Bluetooth headset”, you win!

The features are much what you’d expect from a higher end Bluetooth headset: there’s all kinds of fancy noise cancellation (they call it a “proprietary design [that] enables the microphone to selectively sense the user’s voice, and acoustically reject background sounds that interfere with it”, we call it “noise cancellation”), a no-ear-hook design, and a self-adjusting volume system that’ll keep things level when you’re going in and out of loud environments.

It wouldn’t be Bose without some good ol’ fashion sticker shock, so the price is pretty hefty: $149.99. Right off the bat, that makes Bose’s first entry into the Bluetooth world one of the priciest on the market. Look for it on the shelves some time in November.