UPDATED: Apple buys Polar Rose for a rumoured $29 million

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Polar Rose, a Malmö, Sweden startup which built a very interesting facial recognition programme which hooked into Facebook photos, has been bought by Apple, according to Swedish media.

The 15-person company was previously majority owned by Danish private equity fund Nordic Venture Partners, and it now appears Apple has taking over the entire shareholding. Neither Apple nor the company is commenting.

However, we have rock-solid sources that say the company went for $22 million. Polar Rose has had about $6 million in VC funding since 2006.

Two weeks ago Polar Rose shut down its service whereby you could apply the Polar Rose plugin to recognise faces on Flickr and Facebook, saying they were moving towards becoming a licensing business.

But it now looks like Polar Rose’s technology it poised to enter the Mac and the iPhone.

Apple has also acquired UK imaging company Imsense for similar purposes.

UPDATE: We have now confirmed that although we were close, the actual figure was closer to $29 million.

  • http://www.slashgear.com/apple-buy-polar-rose-facial-recognition-specialists-ar-recognizr-coming-to-iphone-20103315/ Apple buy Polar Rose facial-recognition specialists: AR Recognizr coming to iPhone? - SlashGear

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  • http://twitter.com/gabepolk Gabriel Polk

    Sound like a business deal Mikael Blomkvist should look into…

    • morn

      Well the best acquisition of Apple is that liquidmetal technology.

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  • http://www.it-scoop.com/2010/09/apple-polar-rosefacial-recognition/ أنباء عن شراء Apple لـ Polar Rose المتخصصة في التعرف على الأوجه | المجلة التقنية

    […] جهتها أشارت مدونة TechCrunch إلى أن مصادرها “الموثوقة جدا” أكدت أن […]

  • http://www.gigapie.com MJ

    Congratulations to Polar Rose. Great news for Swedish startups.

  • http://www.marketingtactics.com Dave Barnes

    Now that Apple has spent all of its cash horde, I guess that is the end of that.

  • vicky

    looks like the time has come to eat the APPLE…


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  • The DataDude

    @ Dave Barnes

    You are kidding right? Apple’s “cash horde” was pegged at over $40 billion about six months ago. Polar Rose was purchased for about $22 million…

    • Rabidcb

      I think he was being sarcastic.

  • http://www.quintura.com Yakov

    It’s good to know that Apple buys out VC backed tech companies!

  • ree tung

    OK that makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.


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  • Ben Kessler

    Most likely to just add ‘Faces’ functionality to iOS and build it out even more in iPhoto.

  • http://www.oromoindex.com/newswire/2010/09/20/apple-buys-some-face-technology/ Apple buys some face technology | O-I Newswire

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  • John

    Kudos to the Polar Rose team! Now guys enjoy the cash and take a holiday for the hard work in the last six years!

    • m

      “guys enjoy the cash”? It sounds like Nordic Venture Partners will eat the cake…

      • n

        Yeah Polar Rose has been running on fumes for the last couple of years after completely failing to monetize their technology. They burned through 6M and half a dozen failed business plans.

        When the CEO was booted/replaced, Nordic Ventures got hand of basically all shares and took control of the company. For them it is a good exit. Good return on investment.

        Not so much for the founders and employees. I doubt they will see much of that 29 million. Except for a job at a great technology company. I bet some of them are already making moving plans to move to California. I think you can consider that a good exit, career wise.

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    […] Apple has acquired Polar Rose, a Swedish augmented-reality firm, according to multiple independent news outlets. TechCrunch claims that Polar Rose sold for million. […]

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