Before They Were Coupon Stars: Groupon CEO In 'Monkey For A Week' Video

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In writing about Groupon expanding their dominion to Japan and Russia yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice one thing setting the company apart from the myriad clones, the “Groupon Says” feature, or the random humorous blurb underneath vaguely-related daily deals.

“Groupon Says” is just one element of the quirky culture of stunts and pranks that seems to be endemic to daily deals sites. Mason recently compiled a World of Groupon laundry list of their greatest hits, including their Groupöupon 2010 April Fool’s prank as well as this priceless “Monkey For Week” video and accompanying monkey loan website.

Mason remembers “Monkey For A Week” fondly, “It took a week for the face dye to wash off. I still get occasional phone calls from people who think it’s a real service.”

Here’s today’s “Groupon Says,” accompanying the “Half Off Unconventional Cuisine for Two at supperclub (Up to $140 Value)” deal …

“I actually have a team of writers who do “Groupon Says” – they’re unbelievable. You guys should interview them,” explains Mason.

Consider us posting these monkey videos a preliminary step.

[vimeo w=630]