Is Samsung pulling out of the US ebook market before it enters?

Samsung predictably announced an ebook reader at CES 2010 just like nearly every other company there. The E60, originally called the E6, is a cute little device, with a slider design and a touchscreen — both first in the US market. The reader was supposed to hit the states this Spring with B&N content, but it’s still not here – the heat index clearly states it’s summertime.

The Digital Reader got an interesting response from Samsung regarding the E60, though. It seems as if Samsung is reconsidering launching the E60 in the states entirely.

The Digital Reader,

Based on current market dynamics, Samsung is revisiting its approach to the eReader market in the US at this time. We remain committed to the mobile entertainment market and expect to have new announcements soon.

The E60 with its sexy and compact design really has no chance in the US market anyway. It’s really not about dedicated ebook readers anyway. The fight is now between the iPad and the tag-team of the Kindle and Nook. Even Sony seemingly can’t grab onto any marketshare and recently dropped the Reader’s price.

It’s a different story in Euroland, though. The Samsung E60 is going up against dozens of dedicated ebook readers that get their content from various sources. Still want the E60? Hop on a boat, friend.