E-books are more than just digital facsimiles, and publishers need to realize that, pronto

The Kindle is great for linear fiction, but my biggest frustration is trying to consume content that isn't meant to be enjoyed from first to last page. Travel books are terrible for that, for example:

IDC Raises Tablet Forecast For 2012 And Onward: 122.3M By Year-End, 172.4M By 2013; Android Gains, eReaders Lose

Analysts at IDC have today <a target="_blank" href="">upped</a> their tablet forecast for 2012 and onwa

Big Win For Amazon, B&N In Europe: Apple, Four Big Publishers Terminate Their Agency Deal

Some development in the e-book price war being played out in Europe -- and an indirect victory for Amazon and any other retailer not called Apple in the process: the European Commission has <a target=

Tesco Buys E-bookseller Mobcast For $7.2 million As It Squares Up To Amazon And B&N In The UK

Another development in the UK market for e-readers, tablets and e-books as <a href="

New Ebook Player? UK Supermarket Giant Sainsbury’s Buys HMV’s 64% Stake In Anobii For £1

A sudden, but perhaps unsurprising, bit of e-book M&A today in the UK: the music and entertainment company <a target="_blank" href="

No Tablet News From Nokia, But It’s Launching A Reading App Powered By OverDrive

There are still some <a href="">big question marks</a> over what <a href="">Nokia</a> plans to do in tablets --

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Nook Tablet And Kindle Fire Accessories That Are Must-Have

These new e-reader-tablet hybrids are shaping up to be the hottest gifts of this year. Amazon's Kindle Fire is <a href="">flying off both

Hands-On With The New Nook: Watch Out, Amazon

<img src="" class="center">I have egg on my face, hands, and in my hair. Last year I called a premature end to the <a HREF="http://www.

CrunchDeals: Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader

Calling all first adopters and/or risk takers. Woot has a fun deal for you crazy folk this morning. For only $50 you can score a color ereader with WiFi! That’s less than John Biggs spends filli

Geek Squad Will Have You Shell Out $29 To "Setup" Your Ereader

<img src="">Oh, <a href="">Best Buy</a>. When will you stop pimping

Is Samsung pulling out of the US ebook market before it enters?

<img src="">Samsung predicable announced an ebook reader at CES 2010 just like nearly every other company there. The E60, <a href="ht

Study: Internet radio reaching 32% of households, e-readers are hot

L.E.K.’s Media Consumption Survey polled over 2,000 consumers, asking them about their general media “diet,” from ereaders to online video. The results? Ereaders are big, older folks

Shocking news: Sony to sell e-books in open format!

<img title="sony-reader" src="" alt="sony-reader" />Sony -- you know, the folks that brought us such wonderfully proprietary technol

It's official (kind of): People prefer the Kindle

<img src=""> The <a HREF="">Catalyst Group</a>, who ran a fairly unscientific study of <a HREF="