• Geek Squad Will Have You Shell Out $29 To "Setup" Your Ereader

    Oh, Best Buy. When will you stop pimping your Geek Squad brand? It was once a beloved tech service, but then you bought it and started looking for the most ridiculous tasks to make a quick buck — like setting up an ebook reader or creating an OS X user account. Read More

  • Is Samsung pulling out of the US ebook market before it enters?

    Samsung predicable announced an ebook reader at CES 2010 just like nearly every other company there. The E60, originally called the E6, is a cute little device, with a slider design and a touchscreen — both first in the US market. The reader was supposed to hit the states this Spring with B&N content, but it’s still not here the heat index clearly states it’s… Read More

  • Study: Internet radio reaching 32% of households, e-readers are hot

    L.E.K.’s Media Consumption Survey polled over 2,000 consumers, asking them about their general media “diet,” from ereaders to online video. The results? Ereaders are big, older folks are into the Internet, and online radio is finally reaching the mainstream. Most of this isn’t huge news but the statistics are pretty striking. For example: 32% of users listen to an… Read More

  • Shocking news: Sony to sell e-books in open format!

    Sony — you know, the folks that brought us such wonderfully proprietary technologies as the MiniDisc and the MemoryStick — have an e-book reader. You might have heard of it, it’s called the Reader. In a pretty bold move, Sony announced that by the end of the year they’ll only sell e-books in the ePub format. Further, Sony is abandoning their own digital restrictions… Read More

  • It's official (kind of): People prefer the Kindle

    The Catalyst Group, who ran a fairly unscientific study of Google v. Bing preferences, have run another fairly unscientific study of Kindle v. Sony Reader user preferences. The results? The Kindle won on all fronts, beating Sony’s aged ereader handily. The Group asked 12 interviewees, six men and six women, what they thought of both devices. They were asked about physical controls… Read More