You can now send Google Maps directions to your Ford Sync-equipped vehicle

Oh, a car story written by Nicholas. This is sure to be riddled with errors! (Kidding&mdas;or am I?) Ford Sync, which Matt has talked about for some time, now works with Google Maps. That is, from Google Maps on your computer or mobile or whatever, you select a destination then send it straight to your car. That way, when you hop in the saddle—cars have saddles, right?—your destination is all marked out for you. Pretty neat.

Ford makes it seem pretty easy to handle. On Google Maps, again, either on your computer or mobile device or however you want to access Google Maps, you select a destination. Let’s say you want to drive from New York City to Six Flags Great Adventure. You search for “great adventure” on Google Maps, then pull down the Send menu. Then off you go.

You will need Ford’s traffic, directions, and information dealie for everything to work.

I think that’s it.