How long will it take to repeal the Digital Economy Act?

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Web consultant Colin Tatehas launched a site to track how long will it take to repeal the controversial Digital economy Act, which was drawn up largely to favour music companies, threatens web site blocking and could lead to users being disconnected form the Internet.

The Repeal The Digital Economy Act site does what it says on the tin, featuring a big clock.

In fact Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, prior to the election, agreed, saying the act “badly needs to be repealed” and that he was “extremely worried that it will now lead to completely innocent people having their internet connections cut off.”

The site also carries an interesting interview with Labour MP Tom Watson, on why he voted against the Digital Economy Act, below.

  • James Cherkoff

    I suspect repeal of the DEA will be another one of the convenient concessions required to create the ConDem coalition…

  • maehara

    One the other hand, repealing the Act – which the Tories also agreed was less than ideal (before voting for it anyway – go figure) – would fit well with the planned Great Repeal Bill. We need to keep reminding our erstwhile politicians that we haven’t forgotten about the issue, though.

  • Andy Gibson

    It’s a quick win for the new government. Supports UK business and appeases the liberal leftie social media crowd. Well done Colin!

  • Corrupted Mind

    Apologies for being the harbinger of doom but a repeal is *highly* unlikely. It is very difficult to get any large bill like this repealed. The problem being that it has good bits bound up together with all sorts of nasty bits. It proceeded with three party support – which to the laymen means that the some blues supported some bits and some yellows supported some bits. So the key question is would you like to test the strength of your fragile coalition on the basis of a Bill which (if it goes wrong) you can blame on the old govt (highly unlikely). On the Great Repeal Bill – that will be focused on civil liberties, and since we don’t live in Iceland broadband is not a human right!

  • Andy Gibson

    Awwww, now I’m sad.

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