Weekend Giveaway: An HTC HD2 from T-Mobile

Wakey wakey, eggs and a culturally accepted meat or vegetable product that can be diminutized to rhyme with “wakey!” Have we got a surprise for you. This weekend we’re giving away an HTC HD2 GSM phone for T-Mobile. If you recall, the HD2 is a glorious Windows Mobile 6.5 phone with lots of great things built-in including a huge, beautiful screen, Wi-Fi, and it even comes with two Transformers movies right on the handset. Seriously good stuff. I haven’t been a fan of Windows Mobile since 2000 and even I like it. How do you win?

I need you to comment below with a reason why you, dear sir, deserve this phone. Maybe your current phone is garbage. Maybe you need it for a great uncle who is also a Duke and if you give it to him you will get his hereditary title when he dies. Either way, you need to convince us of this. Extra points go to folks who email contest@crunchgear.com with a picture of themselves with their old, busted phone and a sad, sad face. We’ll pick the best sob story and send them this phone on Tuesday.

Update: We have a winner! Congrats, and thanks to everyone for entering.