Zyrion's Traverse 5.0 Available Today With Network Flow Analysis Capabilities

zyrion_logoZyrion, a Sunnyvale based provider of Business Service Management (BSM) products, announced today the integration of Network Flow Analysis capabilities into their latest product, Traverse 5.0. Traverse allows its users to drill down into the performance of their IT services in real-time; thus enabling IT and business personnel to not only identify which devices are down or impacted, but also see which business services are compromised.

This new iteration of Traverse includes what Zyrion calls a RealView Dashboard. This feature allows users to see any IT metric in real-time through the use of graphs, tables and charts. These IT metrics can then be compared, using a customized dashboard, to a slew of business services metrics. This feature makes Traverse useful to IT admins and managers alike. For instance, while an IT admin may only be interested in the performance of services on the infrastructure like the up-time of a specific server, a manager can use this information in conjunction with the features in the RealView Dashboard, and look at the dollar impact of the server’s downtime.

Zyrion _Dashboard

When speaking with current customers, Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion, learned that clients wanted a BSM service which integrated network flow and packet level data collection products in order to troubleshoot and analyze flow and packet data. Traverse 5.0 intends to do just this. Their integration of Network Flow Analysis allows users to expand upon their flow and data analysis products while providing instant drill-down capabilities from a container or packet analysis view via their dashboard. This provides IT admins with information regarding IT services which are impacted as well as specific problem sources.

Traverse sees itself as a middle ground product between offerings of the Big 4: HP, CA, IBM, and BMC and smaller tools such as those offered by SolarWinds and WhatsUp. Their pricing and BSM tools fall in between these groups and thus offer a competitive alternative to these solutions.

Previously available to only four beta testers, Traverse 5.0 is now available to the entire public beginning today.