• SolarWinds Acquires Log Management Service Papertrail For $41M In Cash

    SolarWinds Acquires Log Management Service Papertrail For $41M In Cash

    The publicly traded IT performance management service SolarWinds today announced that it has acquired Papertrail, a log management service, for $41 million in cash. SolarWinds may not be a household name, but it’s the parent company of website monitoring service Pingdom, which it acquired last year, and cloud monitoring service Librato, which it acquired earlier this year. Read More

  • SolarWinds Buys Network Security Company TriGeo For $35 Million In Cash

    NYSE-listed SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software solutions, has agreed to acquire TriGeo, a privately-held vendor of log and event management software, for $35 million in cash. TriGeo, founded in 2001, offers solutions to IT organizations for the collection of of data from virtually any device on their network and the ability to correlate that data in real-time, enhancing security… Read More

  • Zyrion's Traverse 5.0 Available Today With Network Flow Analysis Capabilities

    Zyrion, a Sunnyvale based provider of Business Service Management (BSM) products, announced today the integration of Network Flow Analysis capabilities into their latest product, Traverse 5.0. Traverse allows its users to drill down into the performance of their IT services in real-time; thus enabling IT and business personnel to not only identify which devices are down or impacted, but also… Read More

  • The Venture-Backed IPO Pokes Its Head Out Of The Water In 2nd Quarter, M&A Still Meh

    After four quarters in which venture-backed IPOs have been dead in the water, a handful finally poked their heads up in the second quarter. The National Venture Capital Association counted five IPOs during the quarter, including DigitalGlobe ($279 million raised), SolarWinds ($152 million), and OpenTable ($60 million). A total of $721 million was raised. Just for a little context, two… Read More