That Spotify iPhone app review in full – and Daniel Ek's taste

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Ok, that headline was a lie. Sorry, but we’re not going to review the Spotify iPhone app that just launched, because as far as we can tell it’s identical to the leaked beta we reviewed over a month ago (while every other media outlet was having to make do with an official Spotify YouTube video). Apart from one or two crashes we’re hearing about via Twitter, and the fact that it doesn’t yet work in Ireland (boo!) it’s the same. Let’s move on.

Instead we’re gong to point out that co-founder Daniel Ek has either the coolest taste in music, or the worst, depending on your perspective. Demoing the new app to Sky News, Ek played Madonna’s “Holiday” (WTF?!) and Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. We’ll just leave it at that.

  • Peter C

    Sadly spotify is kind of useless on the iPhone – I can’t write an email and listen to Spotify, I can’t browse the web, and so on.

  • Daniel Ek

    I actually used my colleague Jon Mitchells iphone. So not my music taste luckily ;-)


    • Mike Butcher

      Says you!

      • Joe Braidwood

        I’m going to have to back Dan up on this one, as I filmed it…

      • Hans

        The app is so cool!

      • The Squirrel

        Once again Butcher gets a story wrong and then refuses to apologise or back down when it’s pointed out to him.

  • Damian Flannery

    Just upgraded to premium.

    Wow, I wonder how much money Spotify will make today!?

  • Simon Loxham

    I have just purchased the premium service and downloaded the app. Overall it appears very good. Not sure about sound quality but maybe that is just me being fussy. I have noticed a few crashes and I don’t like the fact that if you are listening to spotify on your PC it pauses it on the iphone but I guess that is how Spotify are preventing password sharing. I also hate the fact that apple don’t allow background programmes to run and this is a serious limitation for this app as it makes the iphone into a basic ipod while the app is running. The offline playlists seem to be really great ! I’ll try it for a month and see.

  • Joel

    Background processing will keep me renewing my monthly!

  • daniel

    very good application just got to upgrade by the way if you jailbreak your iPhone/iPod then you can run a application called backgrounder that will run spotify in the background

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