Late To The Game: Adobe Now Lets You Share Videos On

With online video hosting still in a rather embryonic phase, it’s only natural for Adobe Systems to lead innovation in the space by making it possible for users to upload and share motion pictures with friends and family online. Well, that would have been a good story lead five years ago, and then some. But please forgive my sarcasm for Adobe is lauding the new support for video on its property today as if it were remarkably cutting-edge.

With the newly added video upload capabilities, users can now upload videos up to 200MB in size through their browsers, or up to 2GB through the Adobe AIR Uploader in most file formats. The videos can subsequently be viewed directly on (like this one). All users receive 2GB of free storage.

Since is (obviously) mostly known for its smooth photo-editing features, there doesn’t appear to be an option to edit videos yet, although I suspect these capabilities will be added soon enough.

Adobe is also debuting a Group Albums feature in today, enabling users to group specific photos and videos together into one album and easily share that with your friends or relatives. Update: Adobe got in touch to point out that multiple people who are part of a certain group can add photos to the same album set up by one user, which should lead to a more collaborative experience. Definitely a cool feature if you look at it that way.