Google launches $399 Chromebook Plus category

Google this morning launched a new category of Chromebooks called Chromebooks Plus. The laptops are productivity-focused devices with minimum spec requirements, including a full HD screen, 1080p camer

Adobe launches Photoshop’s web version with Firefly-powered AI tools

Adobe officially launched Photoshop for the web on Wednesday for all users with paid plans. The web version, which was in beta for almost two years, is now available with Firefly-powered AI tools such

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI models are now generally available, get pricing plans

One hundred seventy-six days after launching its Firefly generative AI models into beta, Adobe today announced that Firefly is now generally and commercially available in its Creative Cloud, Adobe Exp

Adobe starts paying bonuses to Stock contributors whose content is being used to train Firefly

Now that Adobe’s Firefly generative AI models are generally available. One feature that always made Firefly stand out from a crowd of other image generation models was that the company only trai

Europe confirms in-depth probe for Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition

The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that it’s opening an in-depth investigation into Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design software rival Figma. The Commission said th

Photoshop’s new generative AI feature lets you ‘uncrop’ images

Adobe is building on Firefly, its family of generative AI models, with a feature in Photoshop that “expands images beyond their original bounds,” as the company describes it. Aptly called

AI didn’t invent creative remixing

Adobe Chief Strategy Officer Scott Belsky says that AI is not replacing creatives, so much as giving them more time to create.

Adobe says Firefly has now generated 1B images, takes it global

Adobe today announced that its Firefly web service is now available globally with support for text prompts in 100 languages — including Klingon (both Latin and plqaD, in case you were wondering)

UK readies in-depth investigation into Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has provisionally concluded that Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design rival Figma could result in a “substantial lesseni

Adobe indemnity clause designed to ease enterprise fears about AI-generated art

When it comes to artwork created by generative AI, enterprise users have specific legal concerns around permissions — and Adobe has recognized those worries. That’s why the company has written

Designers hated Figma’s collaborative design tool at first, but grew to love it

Back in 2012 when Dylan Field was a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea of building a browser-based design tool. At the time, design tools were all on the desktop, which meant that d

What happens if regulators nix the $20B Adobe-Figma deal?

With regulators looking closely, it’s not a stretch to wonder if the deal will ever happen. But if it does, would the deal be a net-positive for Figma?

Adobe brings Firefly to the enterprise

Adobe today announced that it is bringing its Firefly generative image generator to its enterprise customers and allowing them to customize the model with their own branded assets. In conjunction with

Adobe brings Firefly’s generative AI to Photoshop

Photoshop is getting an infusion of generative AI today with the addition of a number of Firefly-based features that will allow users to extend images beyond their borders with Firefly-generated backg

Google partners with Adobe to bring art generation to Bard

Bard, Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is getting new generative AI capabilities courtesy of Adobe. Adobe announced today that Firefly, its recently introduced collection of AI models

Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition falls on UK antitrust radar

The U.K.’s competition authority is adding Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design rival Figma to its ever-growing to-do list. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confi

Goodbye to the fat middle

Adobe debuted its Firefly generative AI initiative last month, showcasing first a model trained on its own Adobe Stock images, and then yesterday it unveiled what it’s working on initially aroun

Adobe Lightroom adds AI-powered denoise and support for content credentials

Only a day after announcing that it’s bringing its Firefly generative AI tech to its video tools, Adobe today added a number of new features for its Lightroom photo editor. Unsurprisingly, many

Adobe brings Firefly to its video tools

A month ago, Adobe announced Firefly, its entry into the generative AI game. Initially, Firefly’s focus was on generating commercially safe images, but the company is now pushing its technology

Adobe’s thoughts on the ethics of AI-generated images (and paying its contributors for them)

“We’re at a tipping point where AI is going to break trust in what you see and hear — and democracies can’t survive when people don’t agree on facts. You have to have
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