Forearm massager looks scary, probably works okay

forearmpainreliefmassager-smallBelieve it or not, many bloggers suffer from some sort of repetitive stress injury or even carpal tunnel syndrome. We’re human — mortal even. Cut us and we bleed red just like everyone else. Give us an atomic wedgie and we weep like an anxious child waiting for the bus on the first day of school in a new town. Run us over in a car and we — you get the idea: bloggers are weiners.

Anyway, this Forearm Pain Relief Massager from Hammacher Schlemmer apparently leverages the magic power of “the Swedish arm massage technique” to roll away “inflamed, stiff extensor and flexor muscles that cause forearm pain.” It looks like it might work, too, although for $50 more than a few of us will probably have to just play through the pain.

The Forearm Pain Relief Massager [Hammacher Schlemmer via Red Ferret]