Video: "Eyeborg" project underway to implant eyesocket camera

[vimeo 3481857 w=640]
[Caution: video is slightly graphic. Also, Postal Service warning]

It seems like everybody’s trying to replace their eyes these days. However, it’s important to distinguish an in-eye camera from a vision substitution system. This Canadian filmmaker, along with this lady, are trying to make what amounts to an eye-mounted camera, while others (in the medical field) are trying to create an interface with the retina or the brain’s visual system. Guess which is harder? Well, to be honest, they’re both pretty difficult, especially when you’ve got no budget.

The project has had mixed success so far (as you can see in the video) but every bit of work done in this area contributes to the whole. The stumbling blocks of one project are stepping stones for the next, so maybe it won’t be too long before you get your eye replaced just for kicks.