A carry-on suitcase with a biometric scanner? Yes, please.

work-with-this-one-in-paint-gifGlamorous as my job may seem at times, my feelings on gadgets and tech these days is pretty ‘meh’ and only a small child-like handful of doodads piques my interest. Lately, for some reason, I’ve become infatuated with luggage. I’d really like to give Live Luggage’s Hybrid PA a spin, but I never check my bag and $400 is a bit much.

So, when the release for the BioCase from Heys popped up I had to tell all of you about it. First, it’s carry-on and touts itself as the world’s lightest. Second, this thing has a biometric scanner of some sort that stores up to eight fingerprints for up to 90 days. They seem to be pretty tough and come in a 19- and 20-inch model. And you can charge the scanner via USB or a power adapter. No word on price, but the BioCase is coming in April.