• G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

    G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

    I doubt there has been a time that I’ve scrolled through Facebook and not seen the G-Ro. While this could be part of the magic of retargeting but it could also be fate because the G-Ro has been one of the biggest and most exciting changes in carry-on luggage since the rucksack. The original G-Ro’s claim to fame were its massive wheels designed to lift over curbs and offer a… Read More

  • Away nears 100K stylish suitcases sold as it raises $20M

    Away nears 100K stylish suitcases sold as it raises $20M

    What do people actually want in luggage? A phone charger, unbreakable exterior, and maximum packing space at a resonable price is what Away discovered. So it built a line of sleek but expansive polycarbonite suitcases equipped with battery packs, and sold them direct-to-consumer. Now after selling nearly 100,000 suitcases and generating $20 million in revenue, Away has raised a $20 million… Read More

  • Smart suitcase maker Bluesmart unveils luxury Black Edition

    Smart suitcase maker Bluesmart unveils luxury Black Edition

    Bluesmart, the makers of smart luggage with GPS and charging capabilities, has today introduced the latest in its line of luggage: the Black Edition. The Black Edition puts design top of mind, adding higher-value materials and more attention to detail to the already-smart suitcases so it looks and feels like a luxury item. The Black Edition is completely redesigned from earlier models, with… Read More

  • Greatest luggage of all time turns into a SCOOTER

    Hats off, gentleman — hats off. I can say with certainty that this is the best roller bag ever made. Why this particular bit of genius hasn’t caught on, I can’t imagine. Possibly because, like those who ride the accursed Segway, riders of this contraption would give off a certain “punch me” vibe. And yet, one can’t entirely suppress the feeling of wanting… Read More

  • Booq Taipan shadow loves your luggage

    There you are, racing from Terminal A to Terminal Z so you can catch that flight home, which departs in exactly three minutes. You’ve got your carry-on bag trundling along beside you, and your trusty laptop bag thrown over one shoulder. Every step causes that thin pleather strap to slide a little farther down your shoulder, until *blam* your laptop bag drops to the floor, tripping you in… Read More

  • A carry-on suitcase with a biometric scanner? Yes, please.

    Glamorous as my job may seem at times, my feelings on gadgets and tech these days is pretty ‘meh’ and only a small child-like handful of doodads piques my interest. Lately, for some reason, I’ve become infatuated with luggage. I’d really like to give Live Luggage’s Hybrid PA a spin, but I never check my bag and $400 is a bit much. Read More

  • OGIO ‘Bus’ rolling bag with detaching carry-on

    The OGIO Bus looks like a nice rolling gear bag. At $299, it’s way, way, way too expensive for a man of my stature (frugality), but someday‚Ķ maybe someday. The idea behind the bag is a big hard-backed rolling duffel with a detachable carry-on bag clipped to the front and held flush by magnets. When you get to the airport, you unclip the smaller bag and the two ends snap together… Read More

  • Hybrid PA luggage from Live Luggage is a nerd's dream come true

    Has airline luggage ever made you geek out? It’s never happened to me until now. The original PA series we told you about last year wasn’t aesthetically pleasing but the technology was there. If you don’t recall what I’m talking about then here’s a quick refresher. PA stands for power assisted and LL’s PA bags are equipped with anti-gravity handles that place… Read More

  • Live Luggage makes bags for over-packers

    If you are a lazy traveler or someone who packs everything but the kitchen sink, you are in luck. Live Luggage has created Power Assisted (PA) Luggage. It uses a little motor in the wheels to give it a little extra torque. Another added feature is something they call an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes most of the weight over the powered wheels. When pressure is applied on the handle… Read More

  • Spyder Groove backpack review

    Backpacks are like shoes, you can never have too many of them. At least that’s my logic. Backpacks are one of those things that I always seem to keep buying not matter how many I have. But this time around I decided to pick up one that offered something special. There are a number of MP3 player specific bags with built-in speakers, but I’ve found that most of them sound like garbage. Read More

  • Dual-Access Computer Case

    Here’s a useful solution for traveling professionals. The Dual-Access Computer Case features a quick access laptop space. It can also store about a weekend’s worth of clothes. Exterior zipper slots are present for files and various other gear. Available now at Magellan’s for $139. Dual-Access Rolling Bag [Book of Joe via Gizmodo] Read More