Pocket Shark! Pocket Shark!

It’s a pen. It’s a knife. It’s a pen. It’s… relax, it’s both a pen AND a knife.

Cold Steel, makers of fine instruments of death and dismemberment, are offering up a new line of, um… pens. The Pocket Shark (no relation to the Pocket Rocket) is a must have item for, you know, seriously injuring someone and then signing autographs afterward. Or on a slow day, you could just use it to sign checks or documents at the day gig.

Rest assured though, as you plow through piles of paperwork with an annoying co-worker, that you could, in fact, harm them with this little doodad if necessary.

Cold Steel notes that:

Superficially, it shares many features common to most markers, but appearances can be deceptive. For starters, it’s made from the glass-reinforced plastic, Grivory, the same tough material we use in our NIGHTSHADE SERIES, and features walls that are 4 times thicker than similar markers. This means it’s built for impact and, in a self-defense emergency it can become an efficient Yawara stick for driving off an attacker.

The Pocket Shark should definitely outlast all of your other pens and, refillable or not, is a serious pen for serious people (maybe a little too serious).

Available at coldsteel.com