Yahoo Shuts Down Mash, 0-4 On Social Networking

First came 360, launched in 2005 as an early attempt to get Yahoo into social networking, was unceremoniously shut down earlier this year. In 2006 Yahoo was unable to close a transaction with Facebook, despite being willing to pay up to $1.62 billion. Nor could they pull the trigger on a $1 billion Bebo deal (Bebo went to AOL for $850 million). Now Yahoo has shut down Mash, which launched less than a year ago and is best known for sporting a Darth Vader playing guitar and eating a banana image when it was in private beta.

Today, Yahoo emailed users notice that Mash will be shutting down on September 29, 2008.

Fifth time’s a charm they say (right?). Let’s hope the next grand strategy works out better than the first four.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Mash joins the deadpool.