A&E TV Network Taps Talent from Crisp Wireless

A&E Television Networks (AETN) is partnering with Crisp Wireless to create and manage mobile websites for three of AETN’s channels. The websites will provide information and downloads for A&E Network, The History Channel and BIO.

“This initiative is a great way for us to extend our consumer’s passion for our brands and programming to a mobile audience,” said Paul Jelinek, Senior Vice President, Digital Media for AETN. “We look forward to working closely with Crisp to create branded mobile experiences that our audiences can take with them on the go.”

“A&E Television Networks has a long reputation for creating quality programming that inspires fans to stay tuned. Now they can stay tuned wherever they go,” said Boris Fridman, CEO of Crisp Wireless. “We are extremely pleased to work with AETN to help them build a mobile advertising channel.”

The websites will have information on what tonight’s primetime line-up is, program descriptions and photos, fan polls and trivia games, and downloadable wallpapers and ring tones.

The History Mobile site will offer This Day in History, a popular feature from the History Channel, which highlights important historical events. Through the mobile website users can also sign up to receive “This Day in History” SMS alerts on their cell phones. The BIO site will have biographies of celebrities, politicians and other people in the news.

I must admit that I am excited about this. I read a lot of history and enjoy watching the History Channel. But I am bothered that the mobile site may not be what I hope it should be. History is more than just names and dates. It’s about analyzing the past and coming up with theories as to why things happened the way they did. Two historians can look at the same names and dates but come up with totally different views of the events. I suppose I study history because I want something that will help me predict the future. I’m no Nostradamus and my tarot cards just collect dust these days.