Steve Jobs Wants to Give You $100 (If You Have an iPhone)

jobs1001.jpgRemember yesterday we told you that if you’re a recent iPhone customer, you’re due for a refund? That left a lot of people outside of the 14-day return window pissed off. Those people wrote emails to Steve Jobs, and he read them. And he feels for you. So he’s making Apple do something fairly unique for those of you who feel spurned: Apple will offer all iPhone customers a one-time $100 store credit to either the Apple store or to AT&T.

This is a fantastic move by his Steveness, and almost unprecedented. While the price did drop $200, those users have had their iPhones now for a couple of months (at least most have), so it’s more than fair. Kudos to Mr. Jobs for this idea. While many will think it’s still unfair, don’t forget that they didn’t have to do anything at all, Apple’s doing this because it can.

To all iPhone customers: [Apple Hot News]