Samsung UFO Cellphones: Mind The Heat Ray


Remember during the 90s when every two-bit TV network put “They’ve Seen a UFO!” on the air? Yup, they were completely stupid all right. I very much doubt Samsung had those programs, and the related UFO subculture, in mind when it came up with the name for its SCH-W300, SPH-W3000 and SGH-U700 cellphones. They are known—surprise!—as the UFO. I really don’t know why they’re called that.


Actually, scratch that—UFO, apparently, stands for Unimaginable Fast Speed Oh. Oh, now I get it…

The extra terrestrial speed owe itself to the phones’ HSDPA compatibility. (I guess that makes the iPhone Too Human.) Beside the double-quick network speed, which I hear is out of this worldlol, you’ll find the usual: Bluetooth, microSD, yada yada. Nothing to go crazy over. Being that it’s Korea-only for now, you’ve also got built-in DMB-TV reception.

Will the stars align, will we see any UFOs here in the states? Don’t ask me; I’m just glad we’ve through with that whole “zomg, crop circles again—witchcraft!” phase.

Product Info [Samsung via Akihabara News]