• Hands On With The Visible Energy Programmable Monostrip

    Hands On With The Visible Energy Programmable Monostrip

    Not everything needs a web server… or does it? The Visible Energy Monostrip is one of the first power strips – more an outlet, really – with a built-in server that allows you to configure, control, and monitor the amount of juice going into various appliances. The product isn’t visually arresting – the company also makes the UFO, which looks far cooler – but… Read More

  • UFO hotspots mapped

    The good folks at Popular Mechanics worked with the Center of UFO Studies and constructed a map showing the hottest of the UFO hotspots spots. This list and map might not be Agent Mulder approved but it’s enough to confirm suspicions that LA is certainly home to some unusual creatures and probably house their crafts. Read More

  • THX has some weird new UFO-shaped speakers

    Specs here. They sounded pretty good from what I could tell in the noisy hall, but they look freaky.
    Read More

  • Samsung UFO Cellphones: Mind The Heat Ray

    Remember during the 90s when every two-bit TV network put “They’ve Seen a UFO!” on the air? Yup, they were completely stupid all right. I very much doubt Samsung had those programs, and the related UFO subculture, in mind when it came up with the name for its SCH-W300, SPH-W3000 and SGH-U700 cellphones. They are known—surprise!—as the UFO. I really don’t… Read More